1. The use of our MTB freeride trails is at your own risk and under your own responsibility.
  2. Cycling helmets are mandatory. Protective clothing is advisable - especially for inexperienced riders. Check your bike and that everything is functioning properly.
  3. Ride at a sensible speed and distance from other riders. If you encounter unexpectedor dangerous obstacles, please notify the lift/cable car staff immediately.
  4. If you have to stop on the trail, make sure you immediatly move to the side..
  5. Always observe the directions on the signs and keep on the marked trails.
  6. The MTB trails are closed to hikers. If you do encounter a hiker or animal while on the trail, slow down and overtake them carefully.
  7. Pay attention and slow down by crossing hiking paths and forest roads on which moving vehicles and hikers have the right of way.
  8. Respect nature: don't leave the trails and do not leave any trash behind.
  9. Note the emergency number: 112.